May 30, 2023

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This villa from the Tintin album is for sale “on the cheap” (or at least a lot cheaper than Hergé’s original drawings) | crazy house

crazy houseWe may not have the money to live there ourselves, but we all love to look at and dream about a great home. That’s why we feature Amazing Home every Wednesday. This week a house in Watermael-Boitsfort appears as the residence of Professor Bergamot in a Tintin comic.

In February, a drawing of the comic hero Tintin was auctioned in Paris for 2.16 million euros, and a world record was set two years earlier with a drawing on the cover of the album “The Blue Lotus’`, for which the collector paid 3.2 million euros. By comparison, Tintin fans can get a bargain with this villa in Watermael-Boitsfort.

The painter Hergé lived in the area and was inspired by it when he painted a house for Professor Bergomat in 1948, which appeared in the movie The Seven Crystal Balls and in the sequel “The Temple of the Sun”. The real villa and the one in the strip resemble each other like two drops of water on the outside.

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You can discover what the house looks like from the inside here and with more photos in this real estate ad on Immoweb. The habitable surface area shall not be less than 425 square metres. Divided over four floors, two reception rooms, six bedrooms and three bathrooms, a multi-purpose room, a wine cellar, … There is also a garden of 1,000 square meters. And the price? Just under 1.5 million euros.

The villa was built in 1905 by Alban Chambon who also designed the Hotel Métropole on Place Brouckère. Over the years it has been renovated keeping the original elements, but today it could do with a fresh renovation and injection of style. Tintin fans who are warm in it will likely have enough budget for it after paying the €1,480,000 asking price.

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