December 7, 2023

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This was the semi-final of Celebrity MasterChef

This was the semi-final of Celebrity MasterChef

The remaining four candidates – Wim Willaert, Hakim Chater, Boris Davies and Lindy Merkpohl – must decide among themselves who will reach the final. The task is not small, because in semi-finished animal products suddenly appear taboo in the kitchen. From ‘Brilliant’ rookies to ‘Mr Umami’, this was the semi-final of Celebrity MasterChef Flanders.

Peter Dumont

What is the dish that made us love it the most?

It must be said that the remaining candidates have developed rapidly in recent weeks. The signals that ended up at the judging table in the semi-finals speak for themselves in this regard. Although the task – cooking without animal products – was challenging to say the least, the remaining four participants produced a more than decent final product. The cauliflower steak prepared by Boris Davies and the carrot rosé prepared by Hakim Chater had the power to impress even the most hardcore carnivore. But the dishes we automatically wanted to stick our forks into were the ones brought by Karen Shaw, from the restaurant and/or, who joined the judging panel for the semi-finals.

What is this week’s kitchen wisdom?

‘Wisdom’ may be too strong a word, but this week candidates received some very good advice for use in the home, garden and kitchen. After first Boris and then Wim – twice – burned their hands on a hot frying pan, juror Angie Wiles ordered them to sprinkle flour on the handle of the hot frying pan. It’s a matter of never making a mistake again in the hustle and bustle of service.

What are we still learning – in Piet Huisentruit’s words? You can also make mayonnaise with chickpeas. This resulted in a sauce so delicious that Wim Willaart – a purebred Burgundian by profession – immediately swore off the traditional recipe forever.

What did we find least delicious?

As we’ve written before, the candidates have learned a lot in recent weeks. A good number of obstacles in the field of hygiene have also been overcome. But the average food inspector still has to turn a blind eye every now and then during Celebrity MasterChef. For example, plastering still requires a fair amount of manual labor. This is not really good for the appetite.

What stuck with us the most?

The jury clearly expected fireworks in the semi-finals. But despite the high stakes, the candidates were very calm at their kitchen island. Much to the surprise of the aforementioned judges who kept emphasizing that a place in the final was at stake. When this did not have the desired effect, the candidates were given an additional challenge in the elimination round. Whereas in recent weeks they had been practicing preparing a dish in thirty minutes, now suddenly they had to make do with half that time. In stellar cuisine, this seems to be more than enough to conjure something small and delicate but very delicious.

Who won and who lost?

Peak at the right time. An art that Boris Davis has mastered to perfection. Thanks to his cauliflower steak, he was crowned Best Chef for the first time during this competition. An achievement that immediately earned him a ticket to the final.

Fourth place is always the most thankless. On the final straight of the final, Wim Willaart was thrown off the wheel. Cooking without animal products turned out to be a bridge too far for him. “I had a relationship with a girl who ate vegan,” Willart previously said. “We broke up so quickly.” It also turns out that his kitchen island doesn’t mesh with vegan ideas. “Vegetarian is actually just cooking but without the meat,” the actor said. And then he made a sign that put these words into practice. But the French fries surrounded by grilled tomatoes weren’t enough to convince the jury. In the final, Hakeem, Boris and Lind can decide among themselves who can boast the title of Mr. Celebrity next year.

Become a professional chef yourself

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