February 9, 2023

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TSMC reports that 2nm production will start in 2025, after purchasing High NA devices in 2024

TSMC reports that 2nm production will start in 2025, after purchasing High NA devices in 2024

Various reports in the Taiwan media have stated that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) will start mass production of the 2-nm semiconductor manufacturing process in 2025. TSMC is currently preparing to increase production of the 3-nm node, which is considered one of the most advanced chip manufacturing technologies in the world . Details of the above have been shared by TSMC Senior Vice President for Research, Development and Technology Dr. YJ Mii and remembered by United Daily News (UDN).

Manufacturing technologies that include advanced 7-nanometer products and smaller require machines that use intense ultraviolet rays to print billions of tiny circles on a tiny surface. These devices, called EUVs, are currently only used by TSMC, Samsung and Intel. However, further advances in chip manufacturing technologies that include further downsizing of circuits will make it difficult for chip makers to continue to work with these machines.

In the next stage of chip manufacturing, manufacturers will switch to machines with larger lenses. These are called high NA (numerical aperture), and d. Mii has already announced that his company will receive it in 2024. From this it can be concluded that TSMC will use these machines to make chips through a 2-nm production process, moreover, the director also confirmed that this technology will go into mass production in 2025. The schedule confirms A previous appreciation the company made at its first technology symposium in the US earlier this year is also building an entirely new plant currently designed to produce 5nm chips by 2024.

Dr. YJ Miic

Since the US conference, TSMC has also held other events in Asia where it shared details about its 2nm manufacturing technology. It showed that the company wants to improve the performance of its current 3nm technology by 10% to 15% with its new technology. In addition, the new technology should reduce energy consumption by 25% to 30%.

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Another TSMC director revealed that when his company gets its hands on the machines in 2024, they will initially be used only for research, development and collaboration purposes, before moving on to mass production. Acquiring advanced machines is only the first step in acquiring this capital asset, as companies then have to work with the only machine manufacturer, Dutch company ASML, in order to adapt the machines to their desired requirements.

The latter was shared by executives at TSMC’s Taiwan Technology Forum earlier this month. The event also provided an overview of the progress made in manufacturing 3nm chips. The first generation of the 3nm technology is slated to be produced this year, while an advanced version called the N3E is due to be produced next year.


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