December 7, 2023

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Water battery: a cheaper alternative to the home battery for storing excess solar energy?  |  My guide

Water battery: a cheaper alternative to the home battery for storing excess solar energy? | My guide

LiviusClassic home battery efficiency analysis does not always seem appropriate. Dutch startup Solyx Energy claims to offer a cheaper alternative by storing excess solar energy in a hot water boiler. Livios construction site I looked at how it works and what the benefits are.

There are currently two options for the energy generated by your solar panels that you cannot use immediately. Those who do not invest in energy storage sell excess energy to their energy supplier, who pays a fee for it. This injection rate has fallen sharply in recent months, in the wake of energy prices.

Another option is to store energy in a home battery. It then stores the electricity for use during times when the solar panels are not generating power or – in the case of a dynamic power rate – when hourly rates are not suitable. Read more about operation, price and payback time of a home battery here.

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Sensor with measuring clamp

Experts from EnergyVille, among others, have already pointed out that the classic home battery is not a profitable investment for everyone. Solyx Energy believes things can be done differently. The water battery does not store energy in the form of electricity, but in the form of hot water. Heating water using solar energy is nothing new, of course. Solar boilers have been popular for much longer. The important difference is that a solar boiler uses solar collectors, while a water battery uses solar panels that may already exist.

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How it works?

“The system is very simple,” explains operations manager Ivar Kuti. “A sensor with a measuring clip in the meter cabinet measures unused solar energy. In case of excess energy, a signal is sent to the ‘Solar iBoost’ device, which controls the boiler with the exact amount of solar energy.” Unused.The electric kettle stores heat in the water, after which you can enjoy a sustained shower. Learn about the types of electric kettles, their features, price, and required maintenance here.

Water battery operation. © Solex Energy

how much does it cost?

The “water battery” costs about 1,500 euros, including the installation of an electric kettle with a capacity of 50 liters, enough for a ten-minute shower. The cost of a 200 liter kettle suitable for a 40-minute shower is 300 euros higher. You can also connect the water battery to an existing electric kettle or a kettle of another brand. Then you just pay for the clamp and the device, together €595 plus installation costs. With the premium Flemish SEW system, you will receive 50 percent of the purchase and installation costs, up to a maximum of €400. “It is also possible to connect the electric boiler to the central heating boiler,” adds Ivar Kuti. Check here what you definitely need to know about your central heating boiler.

The price is therefore much lower compared to traditional household batteries, as their price ranges – depending on the capacity and brand – from 3,000 to 6,000 euros. Solyx Energy claims a payback period of about five years.

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How much energy can you store?

A 100 liter electric kettle can store 5 kWh of electricity, while a 200 liter kettle can store 10 kWh. In comparison, average household batteries have a storage capacity of 4 to 6 kilowatt-hours.

Tesla past

Solyx Energy offers the Solar iBoost water battery on the Belgian and Dutch market. This system comes from England, where one hundred thousand homes have already installed it. Ivar Côté points out that the first installations were made in the Netherlands. Solyx Energy will look for installers in our country to market the product further. The directors are father and daughter Hans and Emma Sneek, both of whom have a background in the charging station industry. Emma previously worked for Tesla and Lilium, an electric aircraft manufacturer.

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