September 22, 2023

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We’ll have to wait a little longer for the best Opel Astra Electric

We’ll have to wait a little longer for the best Opel Astra Electric

In the new Opel Astra Electric, Jan des Bouvrie falls under the electric powertrain, because hey … Here they are again: the electric motor and battery from ten Stellantis products already.

The range of Stellantis models has become more consistent. The Opel Astra Electric also has the well-known powertrain: with a 156-horsepower electric motor, a 54-kWh battery and a maximum charging speed of 100 kW.

The Opel Astra Electric is as heavy as the plug-in hybrid

It can be found in the DS 3, the revamped electric Opel Corsa and of course the Peugeot e-308, which looks like the Astra Electric under the skin. Both come on the market as station wagons and this is interesting, especially for Holland.

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The developers in Rüsselsheim managed to keep the Opel Astra Electric relatively light. The electric vehicle weighs the same as a plug-in hybrid: 1,679 kg. Both save 70 liters in the trunk, due to the placement of the battery under the rear seat.

The hatchback model holds between 352 and 1,268 liters of luggage. In Touring Sports, the difference between the fuel and electric models is 80 liters: with 516-1533 liters on board now.

The driver’s seat will not go down low enough

The second part of the battery pack is located under the Astra’s front seats. However, Opel says it has succeeded in keeping the seating position low at the front. A claim not entirely in line with reality, as far as we are concerned.

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The driver’s seat doesn’t drop far enough, giving a boxy feel, and the steering wheel is in place of a multifunction steering wheel. Fortunately, the space in the cabin is good, also in the back, where even the average Dutchman doesn’t have a problem.

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Less beautiful materials than in the Peugeot 308

Looking at the dashboard of the Astra, Opel’s position within the Stellantis hierarchy becomes immediately apparent. Peugeot is ranked a little higher on the fancy ladder, which runs from an economy brand to a premium brand.

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The materials used in the 308 are visibly more beautiful. Astra Electric does not lack standard equipment. LED headlights with assistive high beams, adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree camera, two digital displays and automatic air conditioning are always included.

  • Smooth transmission system
  • Quiet and spacious inside
  • The driver’s seat is too high
  • Mute hard

The Opel Astra Electric gets a thumbs up from us, but it doesn’t set a new standard with its ubiquitous Stellantis technology. As a sports driver, he is the most interesting.

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