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Why perfume remains the best gift and tips from a perfumer for choosing the perfect scent |  Nina

Why perfume remains the best gift and tips from a perfumer for choosing the perfect scent | Nina

The fragrance is by no means original. However…this little bottle can be a very special gift. Perfumer Christophe explains why the fragrance is emotionally charged. And how you can find the perfect scent among all perfumes, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, etc., explains beauty editor Sophie. “By giving a scent that suits the recipient, you are saying: I know you.”

They are at the top of the list of the most popular gifts. Everyone has already received or given one. In short, objectively anything is that the fragrance is not innovative. However the opposite is true. Perfume can be very personal and unique. During Corona we have all tested it. The last little bit of sweetness clinging to a recently grown pillow or the comforting scent of grandma still sleeping in a scarf behind her.


No accessory is as emotionally colored as your perfume.

Christoph Loeber

“There is no connection as strong as the relationship between scents, memories and emotions,” says perfumer Kristof Lefebre. Just think of the old days when we were still writing letters. Then the declarations of love were lavishly perfumed, so that for a moment it seemed that the sender was close again. This can be explained logically. Christophe Lefeber: “As soon as something tickles in our nose, a signal is sent to the limbic brain, where the smell is stored. An important detail: this is also where the brain is responsible for feelings and behavior. It is where we store memories and experiences. The heart of our brains as it were. And smell It is the only sense that has a direct line. This automatically gives them a strong emotional charge.”

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This immediately explains the unparalleled power of “signature scent”: a scent we associate with someone so strongly that it becomes an extension of his or her personality. It’s a layer of extra nonverbal communication that tells us something about us, and it lasts for a long time to come. In short, no accessory is as emotionally colored as your perfume. By giving a scent that suits the recipient, you are saying: “I know you.” And say to yourself, you can’t give something more beautiful, right?

But how the hell do you buy someone else’s perfume?

Our releases are always good

Any idea where to start? Then play it safe and choose “flankers”. These are new variants of the current bestseller. They are in the same family of perfumes, but they have different accents: intense or slightly airy formula, different formula … At the same time, almost all popular perfumes contain a set of perfumes. creative? Not right. useful? Well, because you can never make the wrong choice. Are you still in doubt? Then ask to put a sample of the same scent in the gift box. This way you can experience the fragrance without opening the package. This way you can replace it afterwards without any problems.

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Know who to buy

What scent is the recipient wearing now? Is it Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, or Cologne? What family of perfumes does it belong to? Is it fruity, woody, floral, oriental, or somewhat fresh? Another giveaway is one’s taste in food. Probably, a person who cannot leave the table without ordering dessert will also like sweet perfumes.

Perfume is a reflection of who we are. It is not for nothing that we often describe a fragrance in the same way we describe a person’s personality: sparkling and cheerful or just sober and elegant. Complex versus simple, always made or very natural. Does someone like to stand out or prefer to stay in the background? Extravagant spirit or rather reserved? Adventurer or home? Romantic or just aggressively with both feet on the ground? By thinking about who the person is really into, you can get very close to the perfect fragrance.

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gift message

Since perfume is so personal, you can also take it in a completely different direction. Don’t buy a bottle for the scent, but for the meaning. Because it relates to the wearer in a unique way. name that works joke insideThe bottle that reminds you of your favorite drink or notes that take you to your favorite travel destination. In this way, the scent itself is less decisive, but it is primarily about sentimental value.

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