December 3, 2023

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9 top stories from last week

9 top stories from last week

Did you miss this week’s news? We’ve selected nine De Morgen stories from last week that you can read this weekend.


1. How does your age affect what you should eat? “When you’re in your 80s, there’s less room for sweets.”

Starting at age 19, calorie needs decrease slightly each year — to about 11 calories per year for men and 7 calories per year for women.Shutterstock image

As more years pass, your body changes. What effect does this have on your body and do you need fewer calories as you get older? “If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you can still get calories left over for a chocolate, beer or piece of cake,” says one expert. “When you’re in your 80s and only eat about 1,500 calories a day, there’s less room for sweets.”

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2. Paul de Grauwe: “Deflation is not bad news for the economy”

Paul de Grauwe:

Paul de Grauwe: “What is striking is that the decline in inflation was faster than the increase last year.”Image by Damon de Backer/Wouter van Vuuren

“If all prices fall, the economy may slow down because consumers are waiting for their purchases because they think prices will fall further. If consumption declines, production will eventually decline and you will see a decline in the economy.”

Does deflation threaten the economies of Belgium and the Netherlands? Professor Paul de Grauwe throws oil on the waves. As he goes, he hits the big banks. “Bank profits have never been higher.”

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3. ‘The Russians pushed us back to Avdiivka, but they sent new soldiers at night. “We killed so many that our supplies of drones ran out.”

Ukrainian soldiers gather before leaving for the front line near the city of Avdiivka.  Photo by Nicole Tong/The New York Times

Ukrainian soldiers gather before leaving for the front line near the city of Avdiivka.Photo by Nicole Tong/The New York Times

Thousands of Russian troops have launched a major new offensive in eastern Ukraine since October 10 to seize Avdiivka, a coveted prize that would expand Russia’s control over the Donbass mining region. But only a few days later, this battle at Avdiivka turned out to be perhaps the most expensive war for Russia.

For a day and a half, a drone pilot, named Boomer, and his navigator, Grek, joined the fight, focusing on advancing Russian infantry from a bunker on the edge of the battlefield. A third member of the team loaded the drones with explosives and launched them into the air. “We pushed them back, but at night they sent new soldiers,” Pommer said of the Russian forces. “We killed so many that our supplies ran out.”

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4. I would trade everything to not get this disease: Friends star Matthew Perry (1969-2023)

Matthew Perry in 2015. Photo by Brian Ach/Invision/AP

Matthew Perry in 2015.Photo by Brian Ash/Invision/AP

“Happiness is a funny word that should probably be reserved for Hallmark cards,” Matthew Perry said in an interview last year with Hallmark Magazine. the people. “Happiness is difficult for me. I have moments of joy, of course, but long periods of happiness, I don’t know. I think it’s because I don’t allow myself that. I always think something will go wrong.”

There are 57 titles on his resume, but there is one that Perry will always remember. Like Chandler Bing in the famous sitcom friends He became world famous, but throughout his career he struggled with fame and addiction to alcohol and painkillers. Perry died in Los Angeles at the age of 54.

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5. Help us. Please save Israel: Our journalist in Sderot, where the smell of decay wafts

Damaged house in Sderot.  AP photo

Damaged house in Sderot.AP photo

A column of black smoke rises. Two women pass by in a car. They stopped and opened the window. When they hear that we are journalists, they look at us with interest. “Help us. Please save Israel.”

The town of Sderot, located on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip, was severely hit by the raid launched by Hamas on October 7. Ninety percent of the population fled. the morning I went there and talked to the remaining residents. “You can’t understand what happened here unless you were there.”

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6. ◀ Physicist Thomas Hertog: “Einstein did not dare to face the real consequences of his theory.”

Physicist and cosmologist Thomas Hertog.  Photo by Thomas Swertwager

Physicist and cosmologist Thomas Hertog.Photo by Thomas Swertwager

As a physicist and cosmologist, Thomas Hertog worked long with the late Stephen Hawking, and on the subject wrote the international bestseller The Origin of Time. Together with Hawking, he developed a revolutionary view of the Big Bang.

In the podcast Insight He takes us on a journey through the universe, explaining how new ideas arise and why the chance of extraterrestrial life isn’t actually that great.

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7. Savings rates rise, Disney+ gets more expensive and comes with free Telenet WiFi: This will change for your wallet on November 1

Picture for clarification.  Shutterstock image/Irina Shatilova

Picture for clarification.Shutterstock image/Irina Shatilova

Traditionally, on the first day of the month, things that affect your portfolio change. We list the most important changes that will be implemented on November 1.

It has taken a little longer than expected, but we are gradually seeing banks increasing their interest in savings accounts one by one. People who have activated eBox – the electronic mailbox for official documents – will no longer receive paper traffic fines from November 1. Subscribing to the Disney+ streaming service has become more expensive.

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8. Controversy anew at Vooruit: Did the party make a mistake in its handling of the MeToo file?

Conner Russo during the press conference.  Photo by Thomas Nolf

Conner Russo during the press conference.Photo by Thomas Nolf

“Thank you for joining me today. I also know that you will do everything you can to protect me, but I am having a very difficult time with this. I also know that you need this complaint to intervene, but I don’t really know if I can or want to do that.” A former employee speaks out at Vooruit in a WhatsApp message to her line manager

For the umpteenth time there is an atmosphere of scandal around Forwit. This time because the party paid money to a former employee after a complaint about sexual misconduct. Did I make a mistake?

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9. A rave-filled evening with Amber Bruce: My head is constantly moving. Performing feels like emptying the mental trash

Amber Bruce in Wagnati.  Photo by Irene van Impe

Amber Bruce in Wagnati.Photo by Irene van Impe

“See this guy? He’s been following Amber since she was thirteen. Mother Elke smiles proudly when she sees how the queue for her daughter at the side of the stage grows longer.

After Charlotte de Wit and Amelie Lens, our nightlife has given birth to a new DJ star. A lively evening with energy bombshell Amber Bruce (21) and her team. “The Waagnation in every European country: this is the three-year plan.”

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