December 6, 2023

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Equipment from Sky is the maximum for an entrepreneur that is offered for sale

Equipment from Sky is the maximum for an entrepreneur that is offered for sale

Many of the large machines used until recently by Frederick Lehrmans, known from the TV show The Sky is the Limit, are being sold at auction to the highest bidder. This relates to surplus equipment that is no longer used by the company acquiring Superbeton. Crawler cranes and other machinery are up for sale at new Limburg auction house Pro+ Auctions, which has just brought on board experienced auctioneer Hugh Dressen.

This summer it became known that Fredrik Lehrmans sold his company Superbeton in Aarshut. The 35-year-old businessman, who has appeared for years on the TV show The Sky is the Limit, has had to endure huge losses and is no longer prepared to face the enormous challenges in the sector. Limburg-based Iterum took over Superbeton’s activities, but after preparing the inventory, it was left with a lot of surplus equipment. This is now being sold publicly through auction house Pro+ Auctions.

“This relates to a significant amount of large machinery that was still in active use today,” says Luke Deden of Pro+ Auctions. “We have many earth moving machines on offer, such as crawler cranes, wheel loaders, mini excavators, dump trucks, etc. They are all still in good condition, so they are ideal for companies with growth plans.” The full collection can be found at this link. Bidding day is November 16 (Kruisbosstraat 18 in Pilsen) and bids are possible until November 23.

Experience on board
To manage these and other auctions at Pro+ Auctions, the Limburg auction house can now contact Hugh Driessen. The experienced auctioneer, with exactly 40 years’ experience in the sector, joins Luke Deden at the helm (pictured). “One of my jobs at Pro+ Auctions will be to close buy deals,” says Hugh Dressen. “This means that we pay the seller of items auctioned through Pro+ Auctions an advance payment on the purchase price. This way, they receive cash immediately and do not have to wait for the auction buyers to pay for their lots.”

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Attracting experienced auctioneers should give the emerging Pro+ Auctions wings. “We set the bar really high,” says Luke Deden. He concludes his speech with a wink: “The sky is not our limit…”