February 2, 2023

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Attacking strategies – how to play aggressive football in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is an emulation of football matches where the player can try himself as the coach of his favorite team, with the ability to manage each player and organization at the same time.

Beginners, coming to FIFA, often play matches on a whim – they roll back to the defense when the opponent plays aggressively, or attack using the game from the opponent’s defense and run into counterattacks.

In order to play matches aggressively and impose your game on your opponent and not concede balls while being carried away by the attack, you need to know and understand several principles – we will talk about them today.

Factors for successful play aggressively:

  • Pressing
  • Quick return to position
  • Ball control


Pressing is a type of behavior on the field when your opponent always runs the risk of losing the ball, and often does not have access to it throughout the whole match.

To carry out such tactics, you need to constantly run into opponents with the selection button pressed, but avoid tackles – this is an almost guaranteed foul, up to removal.

The essence of pressing tactics is that having lost the ball, you immediately make every effort to return it, essentially preventing your opponent from disposing of it. Such tactics are very exhausting and impudent for the opponent – he will spend the strength of the players and make mistakes just to keep the initiative, but if everything is done correctly, he will not succeed.

Quick return to position

When you play attacking football, you can see how the whole team moves smoothly to the enemy half of the field, trying to support each other and leaving the opportunity to play the ball back to their own half without losing it.

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Such tactics are risky but effective – not every player is ready and able to play against pressure and aggression, but moving your midfielders and defenders weakens your defense, which can be exploited by the enemy.

Players must be ready at any moment to drop everything and return to their positions to cover the goalkeeper and stop the counterattack.

For such a performance, it is important that the line-up has fast and hardy players. Endurance refers to players who don’t get tired as quickly and are able to regain their ability to dash multiple times during a match.

Such performers are best looked for in silver sets, which are average in terms of the probability of drawing good performers.

To open many packs you need to complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks and get coins, or you can buy FIFA coins on a special site.

Having replenished your squad with hardy defenders and midfielders, your winning percentage will increase significantly due to aggressive football.

When you have an average squad and this does not immediately mean titled players – just strong performers, then you will be able to increase your winning percentage, which will grow from match to match due to confidence in actions, and this is the main component of aggressive football.

If you see that the situation is close to losing the ball, and on the minimap of the field it is clear that your defenders are strongly drawn to the enemy part of the field, then simply exchange between the players to normalize the situation, or simply knock the ball out – this will buy you time.

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Ball control

Ball control is an important part of aggressive football. The ball should always be with your team, even when there is no way to move closer to the enemy goal. You can always pass back, or break through the defense with quick passes and runs. Even when losing the ball, it is important not to lose control of the situation – quickly roll back due to speed and press the player in possession of the ball.

By attacking enemy players and preventing them from having the ball, you drag the initiative to your side and make the opponent make mistakes both with and without the ball.

Aggressive football is effective in that the opponent begins to lose control of emotions and commit fouls and blunders – this is what we need. Fouls lead to removal and yellow cards.

If you see that your players are running out of steam and cannot impose a competitive struggle, then make a substitution – change a defender in a problem position, or a midfielder – if you need to increase pressure in the center of the field.

Change the attacker only in case of a loss, or an equal score – it is better to spend replacements on midfield players and defenders in order to reduce the chances of conceding a goal.

The striker is an important player, but his task is to get ahead and create scoring chances, and not fight in the center of the field or near the goalkeeper’s area. If your forwards are very tired, then the midfield is underdeveloped and you need to change them first.

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