February 5, 2023

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Taliban calls Prince Harry a war criminal: ‘He’s a loser with a big mouth’ | Kings

A senior member of the Taliban accuses Britain’s Prince Harry of war crimes. The Duke of Sussex writes in his autobiography, Spear, that he killed a total of 25 Taliban fighters during his two military missions in Afghanistan. “He’s a loser with a big mouth,” sounds from the heart of the Islamist movement.

look. The British press also criticized the Duke of Sussex: “He paints a false picture of the British army.”

Harry saw his victims as mere “pawns removed from the chessboard”. Bayan went in the wrong direction with Haqqani. “I killed people. They had families waiting for them to come back.” Although there was also subtle courtesy. Most Afghan killers do not have the decency to confess to war crimes.

Haqqani does not expect Harry’s revelations to lead to ICC prosecution or outrage among human rights advocates. “They are deaf and blind to you anyway.”

But in the UK, Harry’s remarks didn’t go over so well everywhere. For example, a former BBC colonel lamented the prince’s use of words. “He should not have suggested that Afghans are not human beings. This does not reflect how the British Army has treated Afghans and is therefore misleading. Such statements could also provoke Taliban supporters to fight back.”

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“Run to the palace”

Taliban commander Mawlawi Agha Gul, 32, really wants to take up the challenge. He said, “We’ve been in control of Afghanistan for a year, but Harry has since fled to his grandmother’s mansion. He’s got a big mouth, but he’s actually a loser hoping for attention. He made history by driving him and his army out of our country, so let him be very angry about it.”

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“I see a lot of news about him coming up on my Facebook page. I think he has lost his mind and needs a doctor quickly. He can always prove he is a real man by going back to Afghanistan.”

The Duke of Sussex has served the British Armed Forces for over ten years. He attended Sandhurst Military Academy and was sent to Afghanistan twice as a helicopter pilot. In 2015, the prince retired from the army. A biography of Prince Harry will be published on January 10, but the British media has already eagerly quoted the book.

The British kingdom shakes its foundations: it’s all in the memoirs of Prince Harry (+)

analytics. “Harry, stop marketing your traumas and frustrations” (+)

Harry's autobiography is already - coincidentally - for sale in Spain.

Harry’s autobiography is already – coincidentally – for sale in Spain. ©AP