November 29, 2023

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Kim Kardashian receives a lot of criticism because she complains about being a “single mother”: “You have a nanny and a cook” |  celebrities

Kim Kardashian receives a lot of criticism because she complains about being a “single mother”: “You have a nanny and a cook” | celebrities

celebritiesReality TV star Kim Kardashian (43 years old) was subjected to severe criticism after some statements she made about motherhood. Since her divorce from rapper Kanye West, Kim has been a single mother to her children North (10), Saint (7), Chicago (5), and Psalm (4).

Kim spoke about how she “struggled” with single motherhood. The latest episode of “The Kardashians” shows her taking a trip through Europe with her son Saint and some of his soccer friends. “I’m still learning how to be a single mother,” she said. “I should be used to it at this point, but I’m not. Parenting is a very difficult job, especially when you want to put four kids to bed at the same time. Sometimes, you just need to be able to split yourself in two, “But of course that’s not possible. You have to make do with what you have.”

However, what Kim has is much more than what most people have. Although she realized this, she waved it away. “The struggles my children face have nothing to do with the help we provide at home. Of course, the nannies and the chef who cooks the food are very helpful. But most of all it is about family, and having time to enjoy the moments we have together. It takes a village“But at the end of the day, your kids just want you,” she says.

“The one thing everyone has in common is the time we spend in the day,” she concludes. “I’m raising four children and I also have to work and visit my family… I want my children to have 90% of my time.”

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Tone deaf

The fact that the rest of the episode shows her taking Saint and his friends to the exclusive areas of the football stadium and gifting them signed David Beckham shirts probably didn’t help with the reactions she received afterwards. “I’m the most amazing mother ever,” she said proudly. But not everyone agrees with that.

Critics don’t back down from social media. Her statements have been wrongly received by many mothers, and Kim has been called “tone deaf” and “out of touch with this world.” “Am I hearing this right?” says X. “Is millionaire Kim Kardashian, who employs a chef and nanny, complaining about how difficult it is to raise her children?” Or: “There are a lot of single mothers in the world, and most of them don’t have an available nanny like you!” And also: “Wow, Kim simultaneously complaining about how hard it is to be a mom and bragging about the expensive trip she’s taking with her son is truly out of this world.”

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