December 1, 2022

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This is the scariest warning light: What should you always check when the engine malfunction signal is on?  |  Mobility

This is the scariest warning light: What should you always check when the engine malfunction signal is on? | Mobility

It is one of the scariest indicator lights. And rightly so, because there’s a chance a glowing engine malfunction light could lead to an expensive garage bill. However, it is often a false alarm.

If the Engine Fault Light is on, something is wrong with the engine or the electronic devices that control the fuel injection and ignition. There may also be a malfunction of the catalytic converter or lambda sensor. This sounds like an expensive fix, and it often is. Then it is a good idea to visit your garage as soon as possible, as mentioned in your vehicle’s instruction manual. But it’s also helpful to check a few things for yourself.

Tank lid is not closed properly

In some cases, this is a false alarm. For example, the light has also come on in nearly all cars for the past 20 years if the fuel cap hasn’t been closed properly, the site reports. Biscuit motor. First check if the fuel cap is closed properly when the light is on. Especially when this happens right after refueling. The cap may also be twisted or broken.

“false air”

A lower quality power supply could be the cause of the check engine light burning. Check the battery terminals to make sure they are secure. Another reason could be that the engine is sucking air in from a different place than it should be. This can happen, for example, because so-called “false air” is drawn in through the air filter housing. So check if the clamps that close the air filter housing have not vibrated loosely.

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loose mats

Finally, the cause could also be the use of loose or moving floor mats on the driver’s side. This weak lay-up mat can cause the throttle to stick a little bit due to friction. If this is recorded by your engine management, the terrible light may also flash.

Still going to the garage?

In most cases, the light turns off on its own, otherwise it will remain off when the car is restarted. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If not after completing this checklist, you still have to go to the garage to get it check engineto reset the lamp. Even if the light is blinking or lit red, you should immediately call your roadside assistance service or garage—especially if your engine is running poorly or losing power. Often this is a sign that something is really wrong.

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